Arizona National Scenic Trail

The Arizona National Scenic Trail is a completely non-motorized route that traverses Arizona from Mexico to Utah. It spans 800 miles of desert, canyons, high desert, mountains, forests and communities. Linked by 43 passages, users can access the length of the ANST by foot, bike or horseback.
Features along the trail include historic sites, diverse natural features, and geologic wonders, and remote wilderness areas.

The USDI Bureau of Land Management Tucson Field Office administers 34 miles of trail through two passages, Passage 15 (Tortilla Mountains) and Passage 16 (Gila River Canyons). Most passages can be assessed by motorized vehicles at the beginning and end. Some areas require 4-wheel-drive vehicles to get to the access point.

Southwest Trail Solutions assisted the Arizona Trail Association (ATA), the organization responsible for the construction, maintenance, and support of the 800-mile cross-state trail, on several projects. Neil and Mark specifically contributed thousands of volunteer work hours.

Mark gave his time to design 35 miles of the trail in Pima County and planned and coordinated volunteer work events that produced more than 100,000 volunteer hours of construction. He is a regional steward for the ATA and spends hundreds of hours each year working on the trail, supporting trail users, and working with ATA staff. 

Southwest Trail Solutions has led and assisted a variety of projects on the Arizona National Scenic Trail including: