Viewpoint HOA

In February 2020, Mark was elected to the Board of Directors of the ViewPointe HOA. At the annual members meeting that month, audience members requested trails between the two ViewPointe communities, and Mark went to work the next week.








Within a few weeks he had built approximately a half-mile of trail on common space, connecting the two ViewPointe communities. He built additional connectors, resulting in varied opportunities for walks of a mile or more within the communities. By utilizing washes connected to the trails, ViewPointe residents can take walks of 7-8 miles or more, most of which is on natural surfaces. Add in miles of quiet neighborhood streets and ViewPointe residents have almost unlimited opportunities for quiet walks from their doorsteps.

The shelter in place response to COVID 19 saw record numbers of people crowding public trails, but ViewPointe residents had their own trail network, and could enjoy the benefits of walking surrounded by Nature without risking close contact with others.

Here are a couple of responses to the new trails from ViewPointe residents.