Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

In May 2019, Southwest Trail Solutions went national, designing a hiking trail for a resort near Puerto Vallarta and training local laborers in trail construction.

While a very different environment – temperate jungle – challenged us, the basic principles of design and construction apply. Giant ficus trees became the positive control point of choice, and instinct and experience were needed to compensate for visibility impeded by dense foliage – a sharp machete is a must in the jungle.

Heat, humidity, insects and biting ants gave us plenty to think about, but the ability to cut a section of liana and drink water from its center, or lop the top off a coconut and drink


Bardas y Bancos

A crew of five local laborers became familiar with crib wall (barda) and bench (banco) construction, water management and aesthetics in the week we were there. Their willingness to learn and to work hard has given them a skill they can employ on other trail projects in a region that continues to develop tourism infrastructure.