Yetman Reroute

Located on Tucson’s far east side, the Yetman Trail meanders through valleys lined with uplifts flanked with cactus. The trailhead starts at the west end of Camino del Oeste near the end of Anklam Road and meanders for approximately 5.5 miles through branching cholla and towering saguaro, as well as other desert vegetation. About a mile in from the trailhead are the remains of Bowen Ranch, a stone house built in the 1930s by a newspaper editor who lived in the area for a few years. About three-quarters of the way, the trail branches to a short, challenging uphill climb of the John Krein Trail. Elevation runs from 2,000 to 5,000 feet.

Southwest Trail Solutions worked on a new section of trail added to bypass a long stretch of the old trail that ran through a rough, sandy portion of the Yetman wash.